How can I manage risks and/or opportunities?

Proactive risk and opportunity management are important for many organizations. That is why we have included them as standard elements in every workspace. They replace the need to use external spreadsheets. In fact, our risk and opportunity elements are more capable than spreadsheets for several reasons:

  • Unlimited assessments and updates for each risk/opportunity
  • Built-in value types including: Rank, Count, Currency, Percent, Measurement
  • Measurement types include: Angle, Apparent Power, Area, Current, Digital, Energy, Frequency, Illuminance, Length, Mass, Pace, Parts Per, Power, Pressure, Reactive Energy, Reactive Power, Speed, Time, Voltage, Volume, Volume Flow Rate
  • Intensity levels
  • Create and assign tasks for specific risks/opportunities
  • Upload supporting digital files, and so on






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