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Collaboration Workspace with Full Project and Document Management in the Cloud

Internal & External     ♦    Customer-Supplier Networks   

People Centric Industry 4.0TM     ♦     Supports NIST 800-171, ITAR & Other Cybersecurity Standards

Recognized as a 10 Best Collaboration Solution 2018

ProFIT-MAP™ Teams is a cybersecure platform for collaboration in the cloud with full project and document management. It connects people and organizations with full privacy, security protection, and cybersecurity standards for all parties right out-of-the-box.

  • Create workspaces for teams as needed

  • Invite customers, suppliers and partners

  • Information integrated around you

  • Dashboards to manage progress and status of your projects

  • Full document management and version control

  • Supports NIST 800-171/53 and ITAR cybersecurity standards

  • Simple distraction-free environment

  • Lightweight – you configure to your needs

  • Social style interactions

  • Collaborate globally in multiple languages

  • Secure and runs in a browser

  • People Centric Industry 4.0™ software with supported services

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Our Business Advisory Services, using ProFIT-MAP™ software, help organizations enhance their operations and profitability. We have multi-industry experience.

  • Supply Chain Cost Reduction

  • New Product Quoting

  • Production Capacity & Schedule

  • Production Recipes

  • Quality Improvement & Tracking

  • True Product Cost

  • Cost and Revenue Alignment

  • Consolidation Post M&A

  • Business Turnaround

  • Due Diligence

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