FAQ Categories: Common Workspace Functions

  • What happens with my organization’s email when using Menawat™ Teams?

    We find that the use of traditional email drops significantly as people transition into the software. Comments and messages are communicated directly within relevant workspaces and linked to specific workspace elements. Thus, communications are always organized in the workflow context, easy to find and secure.

  • How can I manage risks and/or opportunities?

    Proactive risk and opportunity management are important for many organizations. That is why we have included them as standard elements in every workspace. They replace the need to use external spreadsheets. In fact, our risk and opportunity elements are more capable than spreadsheets for several reasons: Unlimited assessments and updates for each risk/opportunity Built-in value […]

  • How do I sort items within an element?

    Sorting works the same way for all workspace elements. The top-level items within an element are sorted first, followed by the next-level items, and so on. Click on the Sort button located above the item list for sort options.

  • What are notifications?

    On-screen notifications indicate when there are new comments, messages and information. Notifications are visible for individual workspaces as well as overall.

  • How does the software indicate status of workspace elements?

    Status information is always visible for workspace elements and their details. Plan and Actual start and end dates Unlimited percent complete updates Text summary of time such as “in 2 days” or “2 months ago” Color coding: (Blue = Done), (Green = In process, not overdue), (Red = In process, overdue), (Orange = Should have […]

  • What functionality is included in workspaces?

    Every workspace includes the following common functionality which we call elements: Tasks, Documents, Events, Issues, Risks, Opportunities, Checklists, Polls and Messaging. We continually refine elements and add new ones per our product roadmap.