We’ve Been Busy (Apr 26, 2011)

You may have noticed that we have not posted to our blog in awhile. We’ve been very busy with other writings!

Forthcoming Book in 2012

Execution Dynamics: Align to the Customer Quantum for the Best Possible Business Performance

Let us know if you would like to review an advance copy. We are always appreciative of a few kind words.

Detailed Articles

Achieving Rapid Business Success with Lean Thinking: A Holistic Systems Approach

Lean success, as enjoyed by Toyota Motor Co, has eluded most Western companies. Recent studies have documented and identified various causes for this abject failure. In this e-article, we analyze the situation and propose six attributes necessary to achieve success. We further describe the Profit Mapping methodology that incorporates the six attributes and provides a holistic and systematic way to rapidly achieve success with lean.

Predictive Operational Analytics: A Holistic Systems Approach to Plan, Manage, and Optimize Business Performance

Predictive Operational Analytics is the convergence of business methods, systems thinking, and business intelligence software for rapid decision making to maximize performance and profit. In this article, we describe the individual elements of Predictive Operational Analytics and present its practical application using Profit Mapping methods and tools.

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