Welcome to the Profit Mapping Blog (Jan 10, 2006)

Anil Menawat and I are pleased to announce our entry into the world of blogging. Our mission is to help raise awareness of Profit Mapping by sharing information and resources on how Profit Mapping drives cost and operational effectiveness for both manufacturing and services companies.

Profit Mapping enhances any strategy, improvement framework or measurement approach. It complements what you are already doing and provides the equivalent of a GPS navigation system for the business. Profit Mapping is the only approach that can guide you with precise steps and activities leading to the desired results.

We are currently preparing several articles that explore in more detail how Profit Mapping enhances leading improvement approaches. Our first article will address Lean principles. This will be followed by a Six Sigma article. Others will follow. We will post these articles on the Menawat & Co. web site when they are ready.

Please let us know about your significant business challenges. We look forward to discussing them in this blog.

In the meantime, please take a look at Anil Menawat’s recent article, Pressure on Prices: How will you Respond?, from the JobshopLean journal. This is a timely article on the need to become more cost competitive in today’s global business environment.

You can find more information about Profit Mapping and how it works at our web site and in our book, Profit Mapping: A Tool for Aligning Operations with Future Profit and Performance, from McGraw-Hill.


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