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Cyber Secure Collaboration

We bring the best of collaboration and cybersecurity to make it easier for people to work together. Our seamless solution, Menawat™ Teams, integrates many features into a single teamwork platform. Each business element is best in class on its own. What further sets us apart is that our collaborative solution is secure at its very foundation. Our integrated design protects each and every piece of information. We take protection of your intellectual property seriously. Unlike others, we do not sprinkle “cybersecurity dust” on after-the-fact in an attempt to protect your information because security is intrinsic in everything we do.

Collaboration and Cybersecurity as One

  • Ability to connect anyone to anyone worldwide for seamless collaboration

  • Common integrated environment for all users

  • Protect an organization’s intellectual property through information isolation and access control

  • Adapt workflows as needed without programming
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