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Business Advisory Services

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Analytical & Advisory Services

  • Operational improvements and cost controls

  • Reduce customer delivery backlog

  • Improve quality and on-time performance

  • Reprice money losing efforts

  • Evaluate insourcing/outsourcing opportunities

  • Profitably quote new products

  • Establish consistent prices with suppliers

  • CapEx roadmap for growth and improvement

  • Reorganize personnel for improved collaboration

  • Consolidation Post M&A

  • Business Turnaround

  • Due Diligence

Multiple ways to improve EBITDA

See Profit Accelerator Map for ideas to improve EBITDA

ProFIT Accelerator Map

ProFIT-MAP™ True Product Cost (TPC)

True Product Cost is an analytical approach to reduce operational and Supply Chain cost to produce better financial results. TPC is a parametric approach to obtain the cost of products produced in a given time period and to identify opportunities for improvements that result in direct financial benefit.

Financial and Process Dynamics change at different rates

  • Segment products by their profitability

  • Align product cost and price for profitability

  • Bring individual product cost insight into financial statements

  • Identify improvement opportunities that align with business and operating strategies

  • Parametric approach to incorporate operational dynamics

  • Tunable parameters to distribute indirect cost to individual products

  • Sensitivity analysis to improve chances of success

  • Confidently create a financially rewarding future

ProFIT-MAP™ Operational Improvement

A holistic approach to operational improvements for targeted financial performance.

  • Alignment of financial and operational dynamics

  • Dynamic capacity analysis and scheduling

  • Inventory and WIP processes for lowest cost

  • Collaboration in supply network for greater visibility

  • Personnel and resource alignment

  • Reduction of non-value added activities

  • Quality at source

  • Operational recipes management

  • International standards and certifications

Select Customers

Success Story: A $30MM Manufacturer Turnaround

  • From bankruptcy to cash flow positive in 30 days

  • Positive EBITDA in 90 days

  • Above industry average EBITDA in 1 year

  • Shrunk backlog by over 80% in 3 months

  • Prioritized opportunities with direct impact on quality and EBITDA

  • Implemented visual management

  • Changed to process and data driven culture

ProFIT-MAP™ True Product Cost Process