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Menawat & Co. provides ProFIT-MAP™ – People Centric Industry 4.0 software and services to improve operational and financial performance. ProFIT-MAP™ software makes people more productive by creating an intuitive workspace for business functions by eliminating unnecessary distractions and non-value-adding work.

Early days

Menawat & Co. was founded in 2005 as a business advisory firm for turnaround and performance improvement. Our success emanated from our software technologies to gather, organize and analyze data in a systematic manner.

Over the years we developed many analytical and collaboration software tools. We understood that collecting data neither improves productivity nor performance. Every piece of new information needs to be analyzed by the receiver in its business context. It’s all about perspectives — the receiver is better able to react if they see new information from their own viewpoint and in the required format. A team and its members are more productive when they use new information at their own pace without outside distractions.

We needed tools where collaboration, data gathering, analyses, and decision making were integrated from within one place. Other commercial products on the market, which impose an artificial integration from the top, did not meet our requirements. We wanted to prevent the user from going to various sources to get their work done. For maximum productivity and full traceability, we wanted to eliminate the distractions and time wasting activities of finding information.

Transition to software

Customers wanted our ProFIT-MAP™ software for their businesses to sustain the performance gains we helped create, and to build upon them after we would leave. Starting in 2014, we undertook a multi-year effort to upgrade and expand our extensive software portfolio into a modern web-based platform.

Our advanced ProFIT-MAP™ software provides a personalized ecosystem that brings together people, processes and relevant data within the proper context – all in one place. It is a collaborative workspace for business functions that helps deploy flexible workflows using custom templates and corporate standards. It offers complete resources for collaboration, analysis and decision making to achieve greater performance.

20+ Years Multi-Industry Experience

  • Cost and Revenue Alignment
  • Operational Improvement
  • Supply Chain Cost Reduction
  • Profit Enhancement
  • Consolidation Post M&A
  • Business Turnaround
  • Due Diligence

ProFIT-MAP™ Technology

  • Systems Theory Concepts
  • Integrated Business Contexts

ProFIT-MAP™ Ecosystem

  • Collaboration and Action Platform
  • Business Operations and Analysis
  • Financial Managerial Decisions