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This book is about operational and business transformation. More specifically, it is about the process of radically improving processes and policies using granular as well as holistic insights to create precise actions for the best possible customer and financial performance. Leading organizations understand the importance of competing on more than just their structural capabilities; they also master time-based competition. Often and without realizing it, organizations are immersed in improvement efforts that only harvest the lower hanging fruit when much more is within grasp. Superior business execution calls for more than the status quo of process improvement as product flows and financials are integrally tied to customer, process, and supply chain dynamics.

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“This book gives business managers a powerful, systematic process for improving their businesses. Adam Garfein and Anil Menawat combine the important perspectives of Business Methods, Systems Thinking, and Dynamic Analysis to provide a comprehensive methodology that spans a business from its strategy to its operational components. Execution Dynamics offers a very understandable blend of analytical insights with practical change management.”
Jonathan L.S. Byrnes, Senior Lecturer, MIT and author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink
“In this age of speed, complexity and uncertainty, it is imperative to make effective decisions to ensure future business success. Execution Dynamics provides an excellent tool set and approach to guide these decisions with an analytical foundation that enables the user to deal with the enormous complexity in the modern business environment. “Gut-feel” and qualitative thinking are just not good enough anymore. Garfein and Menawat have provided an invaluable methodology to aid effective decisions and facilitate optimization in the smallest business unit to the overall organization.”
David E. Cole, Chairman, Auto Harvest and Chairman Emeritus, Center for Automotive Research
“Profit Mapping gives our managers, engineers, and operators a way of thinking about the bottom line, not just processes. In my experience, not enough attention goes to the tradeoffs between operational costs and capital investments. Profit Mapping provides a framework to strike the right balance. It helps us to consider things that we might not otherwise. As a result, savings are real and not a transfer of cost from one bucket to another. The data helps move the cultural resistance needle for change.”
Kevin R. Jacko, Plant Manager, Diversified Machine, Inc.
“Remarkable thesis about applying systems dynamics to execute business strategies. The book provides insights into the process of business optimization–by taking a holistic yet granular look at all the interconnected operations which contribute to the end result–instead of suboptimization based on intuition and gut feel. A complete and thorough guide to perpetual continuous improvement process.”
Sujit Jain, Robert Bosch, LLC.
“Profit Mapping is an excellent guide to the concept of decision-making with the end in mind. Actions you take have consequences that can be analyzed by integrating financial and scenario information. Action choices in more real time based upon current facts as related to processes, resources and finances can prove to be most important in outcomes desired and improvements demanded.”
Ron May, Senior Vice President, DTE Energy
“There is a fundamental difference between complication-which is waste to be eliminated-and complexity-which is an unavoidable reality in the modern, global business environment. Future business success will be largely defined by a firm’s ability to capitalize on this complexity by understanding the dynamics and executing faster and better than anyone else. Execution Dynamics provides excellent frameworks and relevant examples to enable your organization to master complexity and achieve profitable growth.”
Bob Parker, Group Vice President, IDC Industry Insights
“The principles Adam and Anil outline in Execution Dynamics not only help businesses transform how they plan and operate, but can also be applied to help government run more effectively and with a greater customer focus. As I work to reinvent how state government operates, these principles provide a new way to look at metrics and to think about how we make decisions and provide services. Transforming state government requires looking at innovative business practices such as these.”
Governor Rick Snyder, State of Michigan
“In the course of my work I see the need for tools that offer a holistic and systematic approach for greater and sustainable performance. Adam and Anil have done a magnificent job in giving us valuable insight into new methods of improvement. Instead of applying a reductionist approach, which is short-sighted and limits the user to a “one-eye-look,” they present a better solution. This is a well thought out book and absolutely essential for anyone in the business world.”
Zerihun R. Shumye, Ambassador, Consulate General of Ethiopia, Los Angeles


Success only comes with operational excellence that is properly aligned with strategy. The challenge is knowing what actions to take and when to take them. Navigating without knowing the impact of your actions on the bottom line is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Simply increasing revenues, or improving throughput and efficiency, does not guarantee bottom-line benefit. Focusing on aggregate performance, as opposed to the details, risks guiding the organization with disconnected or even the wrong priorities. Leading organizations understand this well, and rigorously secure profitability with a granular product, customer, and operational focus. Doing so requires a holistic approach with integrated financials — Profit Mapping!

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Profit Mapping is packed with management insights that are of value and immediate relevance across many types of business, including our own manufacturing operations.
Shankar Kiru, Chief Financial Officer, Diversified Machine, Inc., a Carlyle Group company
Profit Mapping provides tools to link process, products, resources, and policies for effective and dynamic decision making to achieve desired results. The book focuses on “execution” rather than strategy – on getting it done better.
Yogen Rahangdale, former President, COO, & Vice Chairman, American Axle
For those who are serious about making improvements that matter to overall business performance, ProFIT-MAP can be an atlas for new worlds to conquer.
Profit Mapping should become a universal tool at the shop floor level; it’s an integrated methodology for improving profitability in manufacturing and acquisition planning.
Anthony F. Griffiths, Corporate Director and Independent Consultant
Profit Mapping is a very valuable tool for the manufacturing industry. It combines process improvement initiatives with financial analysis for bottom-line improvements.
Dr. Pulak Bandyopadhyay, General Motors R&D Center
In Profit Mapping, Anil Menawat and Adam Garfein marry the manufacturer’s lean knowledge with their business intuition for lifelong success.
Kathleen Mennillo, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Profit Mapping is a very thorough, holistic, and systematic approach to looking at your business as a dynamic evolving entity. An excellent read. A must for all senior executives, business managers, and decision makers.
Jay Manouchehri, Managing Director, EMS Consulting Group