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Menawat & Co. provides ProFIT-MAP™ – People Centric Industry 4.0
software & services to improve operational and financial performance.

ProFIT-MAP™ Software

Our ProFIT-MAP™ software is for you whether you work in small or large organizations, in small or large teams, or are co-located or dispersed across the globe. We designed it to focus on your business functions. It revolves around you. You don’t have to worry about integrating information from various systems and sources. The software conforms to your needs rather than you conforming to the software. It is all about making people-to-people communication easier. ProFIT-MAP™ is a People Centric Industry 4.0 software.


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ProFIT-MAP™ Business Advisory Services

Our ProFIT-MAP™ Business Advisory Services help organizations enhance their profitability. Our analytical solutions translate potential financial gains into targeted operational improvements. Our True Product Cost (TPC) methodology is instrumental in quickly identifying opportunities for improvement and growth. TPC clearly segments all types of direct and indirect costs to show which products are truly profitable and why.

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Menawat & Co. is a Woman and Minority Owned Business – Certifications: WOSB, MBE