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A Woman And Minority Owned Business

People Centric Industry 4.0TM

Supports NIST 800-171 and ITAR Cybersecurity Standards

Connect People Across Organizations

Enterprise     ♦     Customers     ♦     Suppliers     ♦     Partners

ProFIT-MAP™ Teams is a cloud-based collaboration workspace to do your work with full project and document management. It is a better tool to manage and not to simply define work.

  • Create workspaces for teams as needed

  • Invite customers, suppliers and partners

  • Information integrated around you

  • Manage progress of your projects with ease

  • Full document control

  • Simple distraction-free environment

  • Lightweight – you configure to your needs

  • Social style interactions

  • Collaborate globally in multiple languages

  • Secure and runs in a browser

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Our Business Advisory Services, using ProFIT-MAP™ software, help organizations enhance their operations and profitability. We have multi-industry experience.

  • Supply Chain Cost Reduction

  • New Product Quoting

  • Production Capacity & Schedule

  • Production Recipes

  • Quality Improvement & Tracking

  • True Product Cost

  • Cost and Revenue Alignment

  • Consolidation Post M&A

  • Business Turnaround

  • Due Diligence

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